CMMS - Software to control industrial maintenance shutdown planning

The maintenance shutdown is one of the great challenges of the petrochemical industries. It requires a high level of preparation and commitment on the part of everyone involved, and agility and good quality of service are fundamental for the success of the shutdown plan.

Project Information

Client Name
Project Type
IT Soultions
Start Date
March 25, 2022
Project Durations
6 Months

Project Challenge

Loose Material: In the oil and gas industry, loose material such as sand, shale, and drilling fluids can cause significant production problems. These materials can clog production lines, damage equipment, and cause downtime. Without proper control and management of loose material, production can slow down and become less efficient.

Lack of Control: Without proper software to control production, manufacturing, and assembly, oil and gas companies may experience a lack of control over their production processes. This can result in errors, delays, and a lack of visibility into the status of ongoing projects. Without real-time data and analytics, decision-making can be challenging, and production can suffer.



The technical side

The development team works with the client to understand their requirements and creates a detailed project specification. The project plan is drafted, including timelines, goals, and budgets.

Based on the project specification, the development team designs the software architecture and creates a detailed design. This includes choosing the right technologies and tools for the project.

The development team begins writing code according to the defined design and architecture. Unit tests are run to ensure each part of the software is working as expected.

The different modules and components of the software are integrated to form a complete system. Integration tests are performed to ensure all components work together smoothly.

Comprehensive quality tests are conducted to ensure the software meets all client requirements and is free of bugs and defects.

The software is delivered to the client, along with detailed documentation and support. The development team assists the client in setting up and installing the software and provides training for end-users.

The development team continues to provide support to the client, fixing bugs and adding additional features as needed. The software is regularly updated to ensure compliance with the latest standards and provide the best user experience.

Some of the features

  • All levels and track the movement of materials and assets throughout the facility
  • Track the lifecycle of assets, including maintenance history, location, and depreciation
  • The software offers a mobile app that allows you to scan QR codes on assets and equipment to quickly access information and update records.
  • Custom Dashboard and Graphics
  • Team Managment

The client side

  • Quickly access information
  • Track the lifecycle of assets, including maintenance history, location, and depreciation in real time
  • Reducing lost of materials.